Stifle course

Stifle course – basic and advanced techniques with TTA Rapid® and CBLO

The TTA Rapid® system for the treatment of cruciate rupture and patella luxation in the dog will be introduced. This implant system allows the surgical correction of both conditions in one combined surgery. The CBLO represents a recent development of the tibial osteotomies for the correction of cranial stifle instability avoiding some of the negative aspects and consequences of the TPLO.

Day 1:
Theoretical lectures about the stifle anatomy and pathology focusing on patella luxation and cruciate ligament rupture.

Introduction in the TTA Rapid® system and the CBLO.

Day 2:
Practical wetlab exercises in TTA Rapid® and CBLO

Traget group:
Veterinarians with good experience in orthopedic surgery.

Supported by Kruuse

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